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Escape Without Detection

When you allow someone to access your IP address, you are giving them a look at your entire life.

They can know your name, ISP, location and other sensitive information. TrustonVPN VPN service will make sure that no such information is available to any snooper or third party. You are truly safe while using our service.

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Take us when you travel!

Heading to another country? No problem. Our client, when installed on your devices, will work anywhere in the world.

TrustonVPN is designed to deliver the full slate of digital protection, no matter where you are located. You can even unlock your favorite content abroad.

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Zero Limitations

We allow you to use our VPN service from anywhere in the world, except Antarctica. Now you can access the worldwide servers that we have strategically placed in 16+ different countries.

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All the security in one privacy plan:

Dual Layers of Digital Privacy

TrustonVPN tech ensures that your data is scrambled two times to make sure it is completely inaccessible.

Incredible Performance Around The World

Every high speed server on our service is part of our 1 Gbps network, delivering the incredible performance that you need.

Stress Free!

Get access to a faster setup process on every device.

Logs? Not With Us!

Other companies may keep logs of your online activity, but it is not our policy. We have a strict rule that means we keep zero customer logs.

Automatic Leak Protection

Thanks to an auto shutoff feature, you can set your IP client to turn off internet to a device the second there is any shorting out of the VPN connection.

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